Tips for Clear Skin

If you’re someone who’s been struggling with acne, fear not, because I have a few tricks which may be able to help you resolve your problems.

I am someone who struggles from the appearance of a pimple or two from time to time. Pimples are an absolute nightmare and I try my hardest to care for my skin to prevent any unwanted spots from showing up.

My first tip, for achieving clear skin would be to use a face wash at least once a day. This will ensure that all your pores are opened up and dirt will be removed, preventing pimples from forming. This also will leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

My favourite face wash is the Neutrogena Visible Clear Spot Stress Control, Daily Scrub. This product contains microbeads which are perfect for cleaning your skin. Its pleasant cucumber and green tea scent is another plus side to this product.

You can easily purchase this product at Clicks or Dischem.


Price: R 89.95

Sometimes using a daily scrub isn’t enough to help my skin through tough times, say maybe, through certain times of the month. In cases like these, I go for a face mask.

I use the No Clogs Allowed, super self-heating, deep pore detox mask by Soap&Glory. This helps to unclog my pores even more and helps my skin feel fresh and smooth again.

I purchased this product from Boots in London. I’m not aware of any places you could buy this from in South Africa, however, I’m sure both Clicks and Dischem have good face masks you could try out as well.


The next step is major key to achieving smooth, soft skin. Use a moisturiser. I find this step really important because it helps your skin stay hydrated. Winter is coming, and this product is essential in making sure your skin doesn’t dry up.

My favourite moisturiser, as of late, is the Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser, with Hydra IQ for dry skin. I apply this moisturiser to my skin almost every time I wash my face.

This product can also easily be purchased from Clicks or Dischem.


Price: R 33.95

One thing that I find extremely important in maintaining good skin is to remove your makeup well. This helps to unclog your pores and remove any dirt left behind, preventing acne.

My favourite product to remove my face makeup is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. This makeup remover leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean, without leaving any oily residue on your skin. However, I don’t find this product efficient in removing my eye makeup such as mascara and eyeliner. So instead, I use either coconut oil or the Johnson’s Baby Oil.

All these products can be purchased at Dischem or Clicks.


Price: R 79.95

The next tip is the most important one that I could leave you with. This is to drink lots of water every day. Ever since I started drinking about two litres of water per day, I’ve found a big difference in the appearance of my skin. It feels a lot smoother and looks a lot cleaner than before.

To remind myself to keep drinking water throughout the day, I make sure to carry a bottle of cold water with me wherever I go. However, living in a desert country doesn’t make this very easy, so my tip is to use a flask. I purchased the flask below from Typo for about R300. This bottle helps my water stay fresh and ready for me to drink at any time of the day.


What are some of your favourite skincare products? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. Loving these posts! I’ve always wanted to start a blog on make up & beauty – now I know when I’m going to get to design my blog for me. Loving the whole look & loved reading the content so far 👏🏻💕

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