Eid Outfit Inspiration

Seeing as Eid is right around the corner, I thought it only fitting for my next blog post to feature some outfit and makeup inspiration. So whether you’ve already picked out your Eid outfit, or you’re struggling to put together a few pieces in your closet, I hope this post gives you some useful ideas.

The two looks I’ve decided to share with you are the Eid looks I wore last year. One of them is a more colourful look whilst the other features an abaya. I personally prefer to wear outfits that include skirts, abayas and dresses as I find them more suited for the occasion. Another advantage to this is that they’re much more comfortable to wear, which I find really important for Eid as you’ll most probably be wearing that outfit for the majority of the day.



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

This first outfit is a dress I purchased online from Inayah. I found it so comfortable to wear and easy to dress up because it was one solid colour. I tried to pair it with more neutral accessories because the colour of the dress itself was so bright. This way I could also create a makeup look with a red lip colour and tie the whole look together.

The dress is already cinched in to create shape, however, I decided to add a gold, braided belt on top of this to add a bit more colour to it.

The fact that this dress was long sleeved also made it really easy for me to pair layers underneath it, seeing as it was winter this particular Eid.




This next outfit was a really simple one to pick out and accessorise, yet it still ended up looking dressy enough for the occasion.

I styled this abaya with a pair of white heels to match its detailing, and opted for a simple makeup look as well, just to keep the whole look neutral. With this abaya, I also had the option of tying it in at the waist to add a bit more shape to it. If you find these scarves hard to drape, you can always opt for a colourful scarf which matches the colours you’re wearing.

I hope I’ve managed to help you out by giving you an idea of what to wear this Eid, if not you can check out my previous makeup posts for some more inspiration.

After fasting all month, we’ve been given Eid to celebrate, so make sure to enjoy the day by spending it with family and friends and make lots of dua.



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