Top 5 Favourite Makeup Brushes

In my opinion, when it comes to makeup, the brushes you use to apply your products are just as important as the actual makeup itself. They can easily be seen as unnecessary because it’s possible to do your makeup without them, but I do think a set of good quality brushes can make a really big difference in a makeup look.

In this post, I’ll be sharing my top five favourite makeup brushes that I couldn’t possibly imagine doing my makeup without.



Real Techniques Buffing Brush

This brush is my all time favourite when it comes to applying foundation. It’s able to blend products in well when you use a circular, buffing motion and doesn’t create any streaks on your face. It’s also really good at distributing product quickly and evenly, which is another reason why I love it so much. I also find that it’s quite versatile and can be used for either foundation, cream blush or even powder.

When applying foundation, I usually pump some out onto the back of my hand or finger and apply a dot to my forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. I then blend the foundation in using circular motions.

You can buy this brush from Clicks or in a set or four brushes, online.



Coastal Scents BR-C-S18 Brush

This brush is my favourite to use when filling in my eyebrows because it’s angled and able to keep its shape quite well. You can easily create a perfect brow shape with it. It’s also another quite versatile brush because you can use it for creating a winged eyeliner.

When doing my brows, I usually take this particular brush and dip it into a dark brown eyebrow wax, I then begin to fill in any sparse areas and try my best to perfect the outline of my brows. I then take any small eyeshadow brush and lightly dust a dark brown eyebrow powder over my brows to set them.

You can purchase this brush online.



Spooley Brush

This next one is another eyebrow brush that helps to distribute product evenly throughout your brows. It also helps to tame any odd hairs in place.

I usually comb my brows in place using this brush before applying any product. I then also use it to comb through my brows after adding product just to make sure there isn’t too much product built up in one area.

You may be able to find a brush similar to this one at Clicks or Mac, or you can purchase one online here.



Coastal Scents BR-C-S16 Brush

This brush is one that I always grab when applying winged eyeliner. It has a really thin, pointy tip, as well as a bent shape that makes it much easier to create sharp wings.

When drawing on my winged liner, I first take a liquid liner with a sharp tip and draw a thin line across my lash line. I then use the liquid liner to create a diagonal line from the end of my lash line up towards the end of my eyebrow. After this, I take this brush and some gel liner and begin to perfect the line and finish drawing on my wing.

You can buy this brush online here.



Sigma Tapered Blending Brush

An eyeshadow look is never complete without a lot of blending, and this brush is one of my favourites to use for just that. It’s perfect to use for distributing product throughout your crease or for softening edges because it’s quite fluffy.

You can purchase this brush online.



Make sure to leave me a comment below telling me which brushes are your all time favourites!


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