My Travel Essentials

Exams are finally over and I’m back with another blog post! Now that I’m on holiday I hope to post more often.

So sticking to the theme of holidays, I decided to a post on my travel essentials. I’ve listed a bunch of items that I would pack into a carry-on bag for either a long, plane journey or a car journey. If you are traveling soon I hope this post will provide a useful checklist for you.

  1. Passport– You won’t be getting very far without it.
  1. Phone– Your phone is obviously important to bring along if you’re traveling alone in order to make sure you’re keeping in contact with people. Also, remember to pack any SIM cards with you if you’re not planning on paying costly roaming charges. I like to bring my phone with me to listen to music and take pictures. If you prefer to use an iPod that’s also something to pack along.


  1. Earphones/Headphones– To make sure you don’t disturb anyone around you.
  1. iPad/Tablet– It’s a good idea to bring one of these along if you read books through an app. You could also bring along a book if you prefer that.
  1. Chargers– There’s no point in bringing along gadgets if they’re going to be dead the entire trip!
  1. Polaroid Camera– I always like to bring this along to capture memories. Make sure to bring extra film if you like to snap a lot of pictures.
  1. Cardigan/Scarf/Socks/Pillow– Make sure to pack clothing items that will keep you warm if you’re travelling at night. I also like to bring a cardigan with me so if I need to sleep during the journey I have something comfortable to lean on. You could also bring a pillow to support your neck if you prefer that.


  1. Pen– If you need to fill out any documents it’s always helpful to have one on you.
  1. Period supplies– It’s always important to pack at least one pad in your carry-on. I like to pack one inside a special case so it’s hidden away. I also make sure to pack one or two pills in case I get cramps during the journey.
  1. Deodorant– This is especially important to pack along if you’re about to go on a long journey.IMG_8117.JPG
  2. Gum – It’s always useful to have a pack of gum on you, in case you fall asleep unexpectedly.
  1. Glasses/Contacts case– If you wear glasses it’s probably a good idea to bring a case in case you’d like to sleep on your journey. It’s also useful to bring a contacts case if you wear those instead and a contacts solution.
  1. Sunglasses– These could be useful to bring along if you’re going on a car journey during the day.
  1. Moisturiser/Hand cream/Lip balm– Another important item to pack along if you’re going a long journey. It’s always good to keep your skin clean and moisturised.
  1. Hand sanitizer– If you’re going a plane journey it’s a good idea to bring one of these, just to be safe.
  1. Small mirror– I like to bring one of these when I go on long plane journeys. It’s always better than waiting to use the bathroom on a plane.
  1. Tissues – They always come in handy eventually.
  1. Wallet– You’ll probably need to carry some money on you if you’re travelling alone.
  1. Water Bottle– If you’re going on a car journey it’s important to stay hydrated.
  1. Bag– Make sure to pack a comfortable bag to carry all these items!

Make sure to leave me a comment below telling me some of your travel essentials!


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