Brows On Fleek

I was asked earlier this year to share how I fill in my brows (sorry for the extremely delayed post), but instead of limiting you guys to the technique I use to do my brows, I decided to write a post on the basic different ways to fill in your brows, that way you can use them to create whatever effect you wish to achieve, be it natural, thick, or “Instagram” brows.


Before beginning to fill in your brows, it’s really important that you brush them into place, be it upwards to help you create more fuller, thicker brows, or just to the side to keep them neat and in shape for when you start filling them in. My two favourite spooley brushes for this are the Real Techniques Lash-Brow Groomer, and the other is one I bought from Clicks. A spooley will also be helpful to use while you’re filling in your brows, because you can always use it to brush product through them to evenly distribute it and avoid overly filled in brows.

Another important thing to decide is what type of product you’re going to use. You could either use a pencil, which in my opinion is best to use if you’d like to create a more natural effect by just filling in sparse areas. My favourite products to use are waxes and powders. These help to create more shapely brows because they allow more precision when filling in your brows using a brush.


I use the Sleek Brow Kit in the shade Extra Dark to fill in my brows. It’s perfect because it comes with a wax and powder, as well as two small brushes which are the perfect shape for filling in your brows.

One huge mistake that a lot of people make when filling in their brows is choosing the wrong colour. If you have black eyebrow hair, never go for a black brow product because it would make your brows look way too harsh. Always go for the darkest brown you can find. Also, if you’re not interested in spending extra money on buying a separate brow product, you could always use an eyeshadow palette that you own. Just make sure the colour you pick to fill in your brows is a matte shade. The palette that I’ve shown in this post is the Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette.


One of my favourite eyeshadow palettes to use for filling in my brows is the Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay, because it comes with a cool tone, matte brown, which matches my brow colour perfectly, as well a few highlighting shades.


My favourite brow brushes to use are thin, angled ones because they allow you to create hair-like strokes the easiest, to obtain a more natural effect. They also allow the most precision so creating your perfect brow shape becomes so much easier.

My favourite eyebrow brushes:

The next step when filling in your brows is to set them in place so they don’t move. You could use a clear brow gel, or a coloured one. You could, also simply avoid filling in your brows and use a coloured brow gel if you’d like a more simple way to make them look fuller.


If you’d like to create a more sharper, cleaner brow or you’d just like to cover up any small hairs or mistakes around your brows you could use concealer. It’s more ideal to use a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone to highlight your brows and make them stand out more. Simply use a flat shader brush to apply the concealer above and below your brow and blend it in well. My favourite concealers to use are the Mac Pro Longwear Concealer, Mac Studio Finish Concealer as well as the L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer. If you’re not up to using concealer, or if you want an extra highlight, you could always use a white, shimmery or matte eyeshadow, or pencil to highlight underneath your brow bone.

My favourite concealing brushes:


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