Homemade Makeup Brush Cleanser

I think we’re all aware of how important it is to clean our makeup brushes regularly, especially if you have problematic skin. There are a few simple and quick ways to clean your brushes, such as using a brush cleanser that you can buy from a store like Mac, or you could also use gentle shampoos and soaps.

In the past, I’ve always stuck to using quick methods like these to clean my brushes, but eventually they stopped being able to get stains out of my brushes and especially my makeup sponges, so I decided to find a different method of deep cleaning my brushes that would remove stains from my makeup tools and make them look as good as new again.


To make my own brush cleanser, I pour a fair amount of coconut oil, baby shampoo and antibacterial soap into a bowl. I then mix it all together and dip a damp makeup brush into the mixture. You can then just swirl the brush around on the palm of your hand to remove all the product, or you could buy a cleansing mat to use instead. I personally find these so much more easier to use than your hand because they’re good at removing all the product stuck in your brush a lot faster.


I prefer to use the Brush Egg instead of my hands, but other options would be the Spa Brush Cleaning Mat and the Express Brush Cleaning Glove from Sigma or the Cleansing Palette from Real Techniques. I think the cleaning mats would be a lot more useful since they are much bigger and you could probably clean multiple brushes at once.

After removing all the product from your brush, you simply just rinse off the remaining cleanser, wipe off excess water on a towel and leave the brush to dry for a few hours. Make sure not to get any water on the metal part of your brush because it could cause it to become loose.

Once you think your brush is dry just swirl it around on the palm of your hand to make sure it is completely dry and this will also help you get the shape of your brush back to normal.

This homemade brush cleanser is extremely good at removing stains from your Beauty Blender or makeup sponge as well, in fact it was the main reason why I started using this cleanser in the first place. All you need to do is dip your sponge into the mixture and rub the cleanser in. You’ll be amazed to see how much product actually gets soaked up into your makeup sponge. Just keep rubbing the cleanser into the stain and it should eventually all come off and leave your sponge looking brand new again.


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