December Favourites

Before starting off this post, I’d just like to say happy new year to all my subscribers and thank you to those of you who have been reading my blog since I created it earlier this year.

I thought it would be fitting to end off this year by sharing the products I’ve loved using for the past month. So starting off with something I’ve loved using since I discovered it, the Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water is my first favourite. For most of this year I had stuck to using the original Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to remove my makeup, and as much as I liked using it to remove my face makeup, it was never that efficient in removing my eye makeup. But this micellar water is completely different. It’s the only makeup remover that I use now because it’s so good at removing both my face and eye makeup, which makes the job so much easier. I’ve attended quite a few weddings in the past month and I’ve stuck to using this makeup remover even when wearing heavy eye makeup, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good makeup remover.


Another favourite that I’ve used a lot recently along with this makeup remover are the Clicks Sealed Cotton Pads. These were recommended to me after my last favourites post, and I have to admit that I love using these as well, especially when removing eye makeup. They’re really smooth and don’t shed so if you have sensitive eyes I would recommend using these.


Another product related to makeup removal (I’ve been really into skincare lately), is the Olay Regenerist Brush Cleansing System. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s had their eye on getting one of these brushes. As I said earlier, I’ve attended a lot of weddings and special occasions in the past few months, so I’ve been wearing makeup a lot more often than usual and needed to make sure my skin was completely clean every night. This brush made sure of that completely. After removing my makeup using the products I mentioned earlier, I use this brush with some Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser to ensure my skin is makeup free. You’d be surprised to see how much makeup is left behind on your skin that you would have never noticed was there.


Moving on to my first makeup favourite, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Dusty Rose.” I think these liquid lipsticks are completely worth the hype. I haven’t stopped wearing it since I got it. Firstly, the colour is the perfect pinky, mauve shade to wear daily, and the formula of this lipstick is one of the best I’ve tried. It’s not drying at all and lasts super long on your lips without transferring. I find it so lightweight that you don’t even notice you’re wearing it, which is great for a liquid lipstick.


Next on my list of favourites are the Huda Beauty Mink Lashes in the style Naomi. When I first received these I was a bit intimidated by how intense they are, but I’ve grown to love how much more dramatic they make an eye makeup look appear. They’re perfect to wear when you don’t feel like wearing much eye makeup, but want to look like you’ve put a lot of effort into your look. They’re the softest and definitely the best lashes I’ve tried by far. In order to make them last longer I make sure to not put mascara on them and make sure to store them away in their box after wearing them.


My next favourite is the Real Techniques Setting Brush. I recently discovered that this brush is great to use for applying highlighter because it’s the perfect shape to fit onto the high points of your cheeks, yet still manages to distribute the product evenly. Plus these brushes are such good quality and definitely worth the price.


What are some of your recent skincare and makeup favourites? Let me know in the comments below!


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