DIY Cucumber & Green Tea Eye Patches

Over the past year, masks have become so much more popular, whether it’s eye masks, lip masks or face masks. In today’s blog post, I’m going to share a DIY on how to make your own eye mask, which I discovered a while ago thanks to a few beauty guru’s on YouTube.

Under eye bags is a problem about 99% of people goes through. If you are of the 1% that doesn’t struggle from under eye puffiness, consider yourself extremely lucky. These eye patches are meant to depuff the under eyes and over time, reduce darkness.


All you need for this DIY are some cotton pads, green tea and sliced cucumber.

The benefits of using cucumber:

  • relaxes eyes
  • cooling effect
  • lightens and
  • moisturises skin

The benefits of using green tea:

  • reduces puffiness
  • soothes skin
  • eliminates dark circles
  • promotes healthy blood circulation

Simply add half a cup of green tea into your blender and thereafter add a generous amount of sliced cucumbers. Blend until you have a thick consistency, almost as if this mixture could be used in a smoothie.

All you need to do now is cut your cotton pads into half to make your eye patches. As you can see in the picture below, I made eye matches of different sizes using some Clicks Cosmetic Oval Pads for larger ones, and some regular Dove Cotton Pads for smaller eye patches.

Pour your mixture into a bowl and allow your cotton pads to soak in the mixture for about 5-10 minutes. Once this is done, remove each cotton pad and squeeze them to remove any excess mixture. Next, place your cotton pads lying flat in a zip lock bag and make sure not to overlap them. Now you can place them in the freezer for a few hours until they feel hard.


When they’re ready to be used make sure to leave them out for a few minutes to defrost them and after placing them under your eyes they can be left on for 20 minutes to depuff your under eyes. You can store these in the freezer for about a week or two and use them continuously throughout the week. I think these are really great to use in the mornings if you haven’t had enough sleep the previous night, or just to help wake your eyes wake up and reduce swelling.



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