20 Random Facts About Me

Lately, I’ve been thinking of a way for my readers to get to know me on a more personal level because who I truly am will never show through this screen. I recently came across the, “50 Random Facts About Me” tag and thought I could do that in my own shortened version of, “20 Random Facts About Me.”

  1. I’m about to experience my biggest life change in approximately 2 months. I’m moving to London to begin my first year of university at University College London
  2. My degree of choice is Biomedical Science (I always loved Biology and Chemistry in high school)
  3. I’ve lived in Gaborone, Botswana my whole life
  4. I was a tomboy as a child
  5. My surname should actually be Ismail, not Mussa
  6. I started wearing a scarf at the age of 13
  7. Since working at a primary school during my gap year, I came to realise that I love kids
  8. I wear glasses, always. When I’m not wearing them, I’m usually wearing contacts because I’m quite blind
  9. My birthday is on the 14th of March and I know six other people who share the same birthday
  10. The only language I can fluently speak is English (which I am not proud of)
  11. I don’t enjoy applying makeup for other people. However, I do love experimenting with different makeup looks on myself
  12. I’m a tea and coffee person – I love having coffee in the morning and I can’t sleep at night without a mug of tea
  13. I hate the butterfly feeling
  14. I got my first phone when I was 16
  15. I love tattoos but will never get one
  16. I hate the colour purple because my childhood room was purple
  17. I was a competitive swimmer and runner in primary school
  18. I hate peanut butter
  19. I’ve never been stung by a bee
  20. The first roller coaster I ever went on was the fastest one in the world (this was not by choice.)

Make sure to leave me a comment below letting me know one random fact about you!



5 thoughts on “20 Random Facts About Me

  1. Your blog is so lovely Raafiah. It’s so cool that you’re going to UCL. Please keep us updated on your experience as you move from Botswana to London​, your college journey as a whole. If you can, please post videos or pictures. That would be exciting and interesting to see. ❤✨

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  2. Raafia (did you know autocorrect changes your name to ”Tacos’ 😂😂😂). Your interests are varied and from wildly different fields – beauty, lifestyle, teaching, biomedicine – which is quite unusual and that bring me to the –
    Random fact about me: I am qualified as a Designer and Project Manager but went back to University in my mid thirties (I won’t tell you how old!) to change careers to become a Nutritionist & Dietician. Like you I have recently discovered I like working with young children. (Maybe ANOTHER degree in the future!🙈😬)
    You’re never too old to change your mind about what you want to spend your life and time doing. And you’re never too old to start again/learn new things.
    I think it’s very brave of you to put yourself out there by creating this blog. So well done for your courage 👏🏻👏🏻.

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    1. I had no idea but I’ll take being autocorrected into a type of food over anything else! 😅
      Thanks for the lovely comment and words of advise, I really appreciate your support 💕


  3. I hate the butterfly feeling too. I’ve never realised that until reading your comment. It’s not pleasent so I dunno why people associate it with being excited lol.

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