A Week of Campus Outfits

I recently collaborated with blogger, Aisha Adam to bring you guys this post on, “A Week of Campus Outfits.” Our aim was to give any of you students out there some inspiration for your weekly outfits so most of the looks in this post can be adapted to your personal style and wardrobe.

Make sure to check out Aisha’s blog here and follow her on Instagram @aishapaedia! Also, make sure to comment below which of these outfits is your favourite!


Mondays are always a lazy sweatpants day for me (although sometimes this does go on for the rest of the week) because I’m usually not in the mood to choose my outfit while I’m still trying to get over the fact that the weekend is over.

The best outfit to go for when you’re not in the mood to dress up is a comfortable one. I live in pants like these because they’re just as comfy as sweatpants but they don’t make you look like you just got out of bed. They can also easily be paired with any t-shirt or top of your choice when you’re not in the mood to wear jeans.

Pants: Collezione | T-shirt: Cotton On | Bomber Jacket: Collezione | Sneakers: New Look | Scarf: Primark | Sunglasses: Collezione


On a Tuesday, you might have a little more energy to dress up and wear a pair of jeans so this is one way to do that while still keeping it simple and comfortable. Just wear a pair of jeans with any top of your choice and add an overcoat to bring the look together.

Aisha also chose to wear a hijab style that could be done in literally five minutes, which is an essential when you’re in a rush to get ready, which, let’s face it, is most of the time.

Top: Mango | Jeans: New Look | Overcoat: H&M | Sneakers: Adidas | Scarf: Naqsh


A “black on black” outfit is the easiest thing to go for when you’re mid-week and have no time to think of what to wear. Pair your look with a throw-over to add some colour to your outfit and make it look like you put some effort into it.

Top: Primark | Jeans: Sissy Boy| Shoes: Mr. Price | Throw over: H&M | Bag: Collezione


Formal shirts and jeans are the best combination when you’re trying to look presentable but still be comfortable. I love the embroidery on this one because it adds a bit more colour to the outfit. Again, Aisha paired a simple hijab style with this look to make it a quick and easy one.

Sneakers are also a go-to for campus because they’re another comfy addition to any outfit – and white ones go with everything, in my opinion.

Shirt: Zara | Jeans: New Look | Sneakers: Adidas | Scarf: Naqsh


Fri-yay! The best day of the week. Friday’s are usually the day when you’ll be doing something special like going out for lunch – either with friends or family. These looks are two different modest outfits you could wear for either occasion.

I chose to wear a pair of jeggings for a comfortable look and added a top with pretty detailing to make the look more dressy. Pointy ballet flats always make a look more put together and I added a cardigan to make it a bit more modest.

Shirt: New Look | Cardigan: Collezione | Jeggings: Collezione | Shoes: Forever 21 | Scarf: Primark | Sunglasses: Collezione

Aisha’s outfit is one of my favourites from this post because of the palazzo pants. They’re so comfortable yet modest enough to wear for Jummah lunch. You can pair them with any top of your choice and look effortlessly chic.

Top: Mango | Palazzo pants: Hidden Gems Hijabs | Shoes: Mango | Scarf: Hidden Gems Hijabs



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