Oreo & Caramel Mousse

I came across this Oreo & Caramel Mousse recipe on mybigfathalalblog.com and had to give it a try because I’m a sucker for anything Oreo. It’s also the easiest dessert to make to satisfy your chocolate cravings.


  • 280 ml fresh cream
  • 1 tin of carnation caramel
  • 3 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 packet of Oreos


  • Whip the fresh cream until it forms stiff peaks
  • Add the cocoa powder and caramel until fully combined
  • Crush the Oreos and layer it with the mousse in serving bowl

It’s that simple! This dessert serves about eight people and can be made in 30 minutes.

My layers definitely could have been a lot more even but unfortunately, I didn’t have enough crushed Oreos to do this so I would recommend having two packets of crushed Oreos just in case.

Make sure to leave me a comment if you’re planning on trying this recipe out!




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